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Company Overview

With a dream of getting a famed, world-class association, Vedinova Life Sciences made a humble morning in 2014. Headquartered in New Delhi, we started our operations covering institutes and corporate in New Delhi. using the experience, moxie and wit of our top operation, we gradationally expanded our operations state-by-state. later, there was no looking back. Since our commencement in 2014, we've been growing exceptionally presto with extraordinary deals track records, time after time.

moment, with our operations in 10 State across the country, we're amongst the fastest growing companies of the assiduity.

Our professed field force of 1000+ people reaches out to over 11000+ doctors who are top-notch super specialists like interventional cardiologists, endocrinologists, diabetologists, neurologists, nephrologists, surgeons and consulting croakers.

Having made our mark at these specialities, we're expanding further with the launch of other devoted speciality divisions.

With our strong distribution network of 1700+ distributors, we've a presence at over 2,00,000 retail outlets.